Who Owns Milford Asset Management?


Founded in December 2003, Milford is a manufacturer of automotive parts. Brian Gaynor, Anthony Quirk, Graeme Thomas, and Alan Moore are the Executive Directors of this specialist investment management company. Individuals, families, and charitable trusts can all benefit from its individual managed portfolios.

Is Milford Asset Management Nz Owned?

Our company is owned by New Zealanders and is committed to growing the wealth of investors and the prosperity of the New Zealand economy as a whole. Our company is also majority owned by Kiwis, and our employees are also owners.

How Big Is Milford Asset Management?

Milford has offices in Auckland, Cambridge, Tauranga, Wellington, Christchurch, Wanaka, and Australia, and today there are over 130 passionate and talented individuals working for the company. Our common goal is to grow the wealth of our clients and make a positive impact on the community as a whole.

Is Milford Kiwisaver Safe?

Milford’s most aggressive KiwiSaver option, this fund allocates 22% of its assets to income, with 78% of its assets allocated to growth assets. According to Morningstar data, Milford’s Aggressive fund debuted #1 for performance for the year ended 31 December 2020 (among all Aggressive Funds) with a 20% return. return.

What Is An Asset Manager Do?

The goal of an asset manager is to grow the value of the assets he manages on behalf of a client.

Is Milford Kiwisaver Good?

It is a great pleasure for Milford to announce that the Milford Active Growth KiwiSaver Fund has been named the best performing KiwiSaver Fund overall with a return of 9.7%. The four years that KiwiSaver has been operating have seen a 45% annual return. Morningstar Survey data shows that this fund is among 137 KiwiSaver Funds.

How Much Do You Need To Invest In Milford?

A Trust, Company, or Partnership application requires a minimum investment of $100,000 per account (with a minimum allocation of $1,000 per Fund). An additional investment into a Fund can be made on a regular basis or in a lump sum.

What Is The Best Kiwisaver Provider?

  • A 5-year average of the funds.
  • The conservative. The conservative. The conservative. The conservative.
  • Moderate. Aon Russell Lifepoints. 6.0%.
  • The Milford Balanced is 9.0%.
  • The Milford ActiveGrowth company grew by 11.4%.
  • A high growth company. Fisher TWO Equity. 13.7%.
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