Who Owns Cerberus Capital Management?


Stephen A. Cerberus, a billionaire financier who owns Cerberus, a private equity and hedge fund firm with more than $20 billion in assets, is the company’s owner. Martin Feinberg lives in Newtown, Connecticut, where his son, Andrew, is born. In the area where the shootings occurred.

Who Controls Cerberus Capital Management?

The Cerberus Capital Management, L.P. is a private investment firm. A private equity firm specializing in distressed investments, it was founded in the United States. Founded in 1992 by Steve Feinberg and William L. Smith, Cerberus is based in New York City. Currently, Richter is a senior managing director at the company.

Who Is The Ceo Of Cerberus Capital Management?

The United States, New York City. A businessman and investor with experience in hedge funds and private equity, Stephen Andrew Feinberg (born March 29, 1960) is an American. Cerberus Capital Management is co-founded and led by Cerberus Capital Management’s CEO, John Cerberus. His net worth was $1 as of March 2019. There are 5 billion dollars in this market.

Does Cerberus Still Own Remington?

Cerberus Capital Management had owned Remington since 2007, but when the company first filed for bankruptcy, Cerberus relinquished its ownership. Despite a spike in gun sales in America due to social unrest across the country, Remington has filed for bankruptcy again.

How Much Is Stephen Feinberg Worth?

Steve Feinberg / Net worth: $7 billion USD in 2021

What Companies Are Owned By Cerberus Capital Management?

As of today, the combined company operates more than 2,300 stores in 35 states and the District of Columbia under 20 well-known banners, including Albertsons, Safeway, Vons, Jewel-Osco, Shaw’s, ACME Markets, Tom Thumb, Randalls, United Supermarkets

Is Cerberus Publicly Traded?

The Cerberus Capital Management, L.P. is a private investment firm. Private equity firm, founded in 1992.

Who Controls The Freedom Group?


Freedom Group


US$ 865.1 million (2016)

Net income

US$ 18.9 million (2016)


Cerberus Capital Management

Number of employees


What Does Cerberus Capital Management Do?

As an industry pioneer, Cerberus pioneered Operational Private Equity, a method of working closely with operating executives throughout the lifecycle of an investment to improve business performance and create long-term value.

How Much Did Cerberus Lose On Chrysler?

A total of $940 million is estimated to be the value of these pieces by Cerberus. As of today, the book loss is about $70 million, or less than 1% of the original Chrysler buyout value.

When Did Cerberus Sell Remington?

As Cerberus bought Remington in 2007, the world was in the midst of the biggest private equity acquisition spree in history.

Who Bought Remington Arms In 2020?

In Apr. Upon purchasing the New York plant in 2020, Roundhill Group took over production. The Roundhill Group was one of seven buyers who purchased Remington’s bankruptcy estate.

Who Bought Remington Ammo In 2021?

The article was published by John Magsam on May 27, 2021 1:54 a.m. During an online investor conference Wednesday morning, Vista Outdoor, the new parent company of Remington Ammunition with its Lonoke factory, said the demand for ammo is different and more sustainable than it has been in the past.

Who Owns Steve Feinberg?

Steve Feinberg

Succeeded by


Personal details


March 29, 1960 New York City, U.S.

Political party


How Much Is Cerberus Capital Management Worth?

In addition to its affiliate offices in the United States, Europe, and Asia, the firm also has advisory offices. A total of US$45 billion is managed by Cerberus in funds and accounts.

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