Who Owns Apollo Global Management?


Leon Black, Joshua Harris, and Marc Rowan are the partners of Apollo Global Management, also known as Apollo.

Who Owns The Apollo Group?






John Sperling


Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.

Key people

Anthony W. Miller (Chairman) Gregory W. Cappelli (CEO) Jeff Langenbach (SVP) Peter J. Cohen (President, University of Phoenix)

Is Apollo Global Management A Good Company?

The management at Apollo is highly demanding and deadlines-driven, which makes the company very understaffed. Despite management’s constant talk of work-life balance, a very lean accounting/finance team is often working well past 9 PM most of the year.

What Is Apollo Global Management?

(AGM) is a global management company. A global alternative investment manager, Apollo manages assets worth billions of dollars. As well as institutional and individual investors, the Company raises, invests, and manages credit, private equity, and real estate funds.

Who Is Apollo Global Management Owned By?

What is the ownership structure of Global Management? Leon Black, Joshua Harris, and Marc Rowan are the partners of Apollo Global Management, also known as Apollo. According to its March 31 financial statements, the company had $461 billion in assets under management.

Is Apollo Global Management A Partnership?

I need to know where my Form 1099-DIV or Form 1042-S is. The shareholders of AGM LLC did not receive Forms 1099-DIV. AGM LLC was publicly traded, but it was a limited liability company (LLC) and was taxed as a partnership, not a corporation, as it was a limited liability company.

Who Bought Apollo Global Management?

A $2 million deal saw billionaire Leon Black step down as Apollo CEO. Including debt, the company has a market capitalization of $5 billion. Following the sale, the remaining parent company changed its name to McGraw Hill Financial Inc. The company was later changed to S&P Global Inc.

Which Country Owns Apollo?

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India is the home of Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited, a multinational hospital chain. Prathap C. founded the company. In 1983, Reddy became the first corporate healthcare provider in India.

How Many Employees Does Apollo Global Management Have?

The Apollo Global Management / Number of employees is 1,600.

How Much Does An Associate At Apollo Make?

What is the salary range for an Associate at Apollo Global Management?? Associate salaries in the United States are on average $85,778 per year, which is 42% less than the average Apollo Global Management salary of $149,843 per year.

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