Who Is Crown Asset Management?


A third-party debt collection company called Crown Asset Management, LLC buys old debt from Home Depot, Lowes, Synchrony Bank, Walmart credit cards, and sues Michigan consumers through a law firm called Rausch, Sturm, Israel, Enerson & Hornik, LLC based in Bingham

What Is Crown Asset Management?

A RMAI Certified Receivables Business and Debt Purchasing Firm, Crown Asset Management, LLC has extensive experience acquiring distressed consumer receivables. In the event that originating creditors or other businesses cannot collect past due balances on their accounts, we purchase portfolios from them.

Does Crown Asset Management Always Sue?

A lawsuit will be filed by Crown Asset Management and the evidence they will use to prove their case is a viable collection case will be business records. You should not give up hope if you are served with a collection lawsuit that includes such an affidavit.

Does Crown Asset Management Report To Credit Bureaus?

CAM has not reported the referenced account to any credit bureaus and does not have the authority to amend or delete entries reported by other companies.

Is Crown Asset Management Legit?

Crown Asset Management is it a real company or a s Asset Management A Real Company, Or A Scam? A legitimate company like Crown Asset Management exists. In the United States, they are a small collection agency. Mailing addresses for the company are 3100 Breckinridge Boulevard, Suite 725, Duluth, Georgia 30096.

Who Owns Crown Asset Management?

Brian K. founded the company in 2004. The Williams, Crown Asset Management company has been recognized by RMAI as a “RMAI Certified Receivables Business” and a firm with extensive experience acquiring distressed consumer receivables.

Why Is Crown Asset Management Suing Me?

You should know that they are suing you for one simple reason – they want to make money. Crown Asset Management’s business model is to purchase delinquent debts for pennies on the dollar and then collect on them if they can.

How Do I Contact Crown Assets?

  • The address is 3100 Breckinridge Boulevard, Suite 725…
  • Please call (866) 696-4442 if you have any questions…
  • Please call (770) 817-6702 if you need assistance.
  • You can contact Crown Asset Management (CAM) by filling out the form on this page: www.crownasset.com/contact.
  • Crownasset.com is a website.
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  • Does Crown Asset Management Settle?

    Is it better to negotiate a settlement or pay Crown Asset Management?? Credit is not likely to be affected by settling (in full or not). No matter how much you pay, your credit score will be damaged for seven years once a collection account is added to your report. There are a number of options available to you.

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