Which Of The Following Best Describes A Management Development Program?


401(k) plans are defined as plans that provide retirement benefits. Employees contribute to a retirement account through this plan, and the employer matches a portion of the employee’s contribution.

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Which Of The Following Labor Organizations Joined Forces In 1955?

A full American Federation of Labor-Congress of Industrial Organizations, the AFL-CIO was formed in 1955 by merging the AFL (founded 1886) and CIO (founded 1935), which organized workers in industries.

What Is The Primary Goal Of The Strategic Human Resource Management Process?

As a primary principle of strategic human resource management, it is to improve business performance and maintain a culture that inspires innovation and works relentlessly to gain a competitive edge.

Which Term Describes The Process That Occurs When A Union Negotiates With An Employer?

A collective bargaining process. Labor unions and employers use this process to negotiate wages, benefits, hours worked, and other employment-related terms.

Which Of The Following Is True Of The Preparation Stage Of The Creative Process In Business?

The creative process begins with the preparation stage. In this stage, the creative person is able to come to a new understanding of the problem.

Which Of These Typically Takes Place In The Workplace While Employees Are Performing Job Related Tasks?

Training on the job. During this training, employees are performing tasks related to their jobs at work. Coaching, training, job rotation, and planned work activities are the four most common training methods. The type of employment test should be matched with its description.

Which Of The Following Is An Advantage Of A 401 K Plan Quizlet?

A 401(k) plan has the following benefits: It allows you to shelter retirement savings from taxation.

Which Of The Following Best Describes The Tax Advantage Of A Qualified Retirement Plan?

What is the tax advantage of a qualified retirement plan? Tax deferred earnings accumulate in the plan. A family corporation’s president and employee. Employees are not required to pay taxes on the amounts they receive at distribution.

Which Of The Following Is A Defining Characteristic Of An Incentive Based Compensation Structure?

The following characteristics define an incentive-based compensation structure. A commission is added to the base salary, which makes it lower.

Which Of The Following Best Explains Why Union Membership Has Fallen Since 1955?

What is the best explanation for why union membership has fallen since 1955? In the past, unions were the only ones who could protect workers. In your role as a manager at a manufacturing facility, you tell your subordinates that unions are bad for business.

What Type Of Job Training Is Miguel Completing?

A salesman is Miguel. Every sale he makes generates a certain percentage of profit for him. Miguel’s compensation is described as follows.

Which Of The Following Is The Greatest Factor In Leading Workers To Join Unions?

There has been a decline in union membership. What is the most important factor in leading workers to join unions? The workers want to improve their working conditions, wages, and hours.

What Is The Purpose Of The Strategic Human Resource Process?

Strategic Human Resource Management Process: To achieve optimal work performance so that the company can realize its mission and vision. An analysis of a job is the process of determining the basic elements of a job by observing and analyzing it.

What Is The Primary Goal Of The Strategic Human Resource Management Process Multiple Choice Question?

The optimal performance of your work must support the company’s mission and goals.

What Are The Goal Of Human Resource Management?

Human resources are maximized and utilized effectively. Individuals’ needs are met through the assessment and implementation of the program. Achieves and maintains a high level of employee morale. The organization is well-trained and motivated by its employees.

What Are The Three Primary Goals Of Human Resource Management Hrm )?

Staffing, employee compensation and benefits, and defining/designing work are the three major responsibilities of a human resource manager. HRM is concerned with maximizing the effectiveness of employees in order to maximize the productivity of an organization.

What Is The Process Of Negotiation Between Workers And Their Employers?

A collective bargaining agreement is a document that establishes pay and conditions between a representative and their employer during a meeting. Employers and workers negotiate collectively to reach an agreement.

What Is The Negotiation Process With A Union?

Unions must be able to negotiate with their employers in good faith. After the union and employer reach a tentative agreement, our union presents it to dues-paying members for discussion, debate, and a vote to accept or reject the contract negotiated by your bargaining committee.

What Do You Call The Process Of The Union?

Labor unions are also known as trade unions or workers unions, and they negotiate with employers in a collective bargaining process.

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