What To Expect At My First Pain Management Appointment?


Your pain symptoms will be discussed with a pain management doctor during your first visit. In addition to your medical history, he or she may also look at your medication list, X-rays, and magnetic resonance imaging (CT). The study can be helpful if you have already had X-rays, CT scans, or magnetic resonance imaging.

What Conditions Qualify For Pain Management?

In the low back, knee, head, hip, and neck, pain management doctors are most often seeing patients with pain. A number of conditions are treated by these physicians, including arthritis, fibromyalgia, migraines, sciatica, and more.

What Do Patients Expect From Their First Visit To A Pain Clinic?

An initial appointment might include a physical exam, an interview about your medical history, pain assessment, and diagnostic tests or imaging (such as x-rays).

How Long Does A Pain Management Appointment Take?

A pain specialist will most likely be your first point of contact for an assessment and will most likely be a medical doctor with advanced training in pain management. It will take between forty-five minutes and one hour for the appointment to take place.

What Does Proper Pain Management Include?

The most common types of painkillers are codeine, morphine, and oxycodone, which are used for severe or cancer pain. A local anesthetic (drops, sprays, creams, or injections) is used when it is possible to reach the nerves easily. There are some antidepressants and anti-epilepsy medicines that are used to treat nerve pain, a type of pain.

Why Would Someone Be Referred To A Pain Clinic?

If you have chronic pain, a pain doctor can diagnose and treat it. Joint inflammation (arthritis), for instance, can cause some types of pain. In addition to pain management, your chronic condition can be managed by a pain doctor.

What Qualifies As Severe Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is defined by doctors as any pain lasting for at least three to six months. You can experience real effects on your mental health and daily life when you suffer from chronic pain. It can be treated by you and your doctor together.

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