What Is Rambox Cargo Management System?


Using the RAMBox cargo management system, drivers can store tools and equipment securely in the bed of their RAM trucks. Although the space is designed for small items, it can also accommodate larger tools such as shovels, rakes, pickaxes, fishing rods, and more.

What Is Included In The Rambox Cargo Management System?

  • A can of soda and ice equals 20 cans.
  • The power tools you need.
  • A sports equipment system.
  • Bags for shopping.
  • A golf club bag for your golf club.
  • Gloves and helmets are required.
  • Work clothes and muddy boots.
  • What Is Rambox Package?

    The RamBox Cargo Management System is a class-exclusive offering within the light-duty pickup truck segment, but it is also available on RAM heavy-duty models such as the 2500 and 3500. The RAM 1500 is one of the best RAM trucks on the market, and it’s the best of both worlds. The RAM 1500 Crew Cab is a powerful truck. The RAM 1500 Quad Cab is equipped with a quad drive.

    What Are Rambox Used For?

    There are two storage bins that run the length of the pick-up bed and are as wide as the wheel well of the RamBox Cargo Management System. Due to the fact that the boxes fit into the space over the wheel well, they provide a great deal of cargo space.

    Which Ram Package Has Rambox?

    With a big truck bed and the Class-Exclusive RamBox Cargo Management System 2, the 2021 Ram 1500 is the perfect vehicle for your cargo.

    What Does Rambox Cargo Management System Include?

    Built-in cargo rails, sliding tie-down cleats, and top rail covers are all included in the RamBox Cargo Management System. Multi-position box divider that doubles as a box extender is used in hundreds of ways.

    Can I Add A Rambox?

    Yes, those are just organizers for the compartment for the rambox. In case you don’t want things moving around, you can create sections inside the box.

    What Do You Keep In Your Rambox?

    My bed is equipped with jumper cables, work gloves, a few basic tools, straps, scuba weights, pads, and spacers for the scuba tanks.

    What Is A Rambox?

    With the RamBox, you can safely store your tools and toys away without having to worry about them getting stolen because it is a lockable cargo management system.

    Is Rambox Any Good?

    RamBox is my favorite system. With the key fob and the deep front and rear wells, it locks and unlocks while you drive, and even when I drove through thick mud, the contents of the RamBox remained dry and clean.

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