What Is Onbase Document Management?


With OnBase, content, processes, and cases can be managed in one platform, combining ECM, case management, business process management (BPM), records management, and capture functionality.

What Type Of System Is Onbase?

The OnBase enterprise content management system provides an information platform for managing electronic documents and automating business processes.

What Database Does Onbase Use?

There are many interrelated tables in OnBase’s proprietary database schema. Unlike most SQL databases, OnBase Software manages relationships between tables, rather than using standard SQL Server functions and stored procedures.

What Is It Document Management?

The document management system or process is used to capture, track, and store electronic documents such as PDFs, Word processing files, and digital images of paper-based documents. Document security, access control, centralized storage, audit trails, and streamlined search and retrieval are all provided by it.

How Do I Separate Documents In Onbase?

  • This is a quick reference guide.
  • The introduction:
  • The “Split Document” feature in OnBase makes it easy to fix errors in scanning documents.
  • Be sure to select “Image” once the document has been opened.
  • You can split a document by clicking “Split Document” 3….
  • A scissor image will appear when you hover your mouse between the two pages.
  • What Is Onbase Api?

    With the OnBase APIs suite, you can create your own integrations with OnBase, providing your programmers with access points to integrate with OnBase documents, processes, and more.

    What Kind Of Software Is Onbase?

    With OnBase, Hyland’s flagship product, you can manage your content, processes, and cases in one place. With OnBase, your important business content is centralized in one secure location, and you can access it whenever and wherever you need it.

    What Is Onbase Workflow?

    Document routing software OnBase Workflow allows users to process work more efficiently, faster, and more accurately than they can with traditional paper methods.

    What Is Onbase Utility Client?

    Mt. is the Unity Client for OnBase Unity. Document management system (ECM) used by SAC to store, scan, and retrieve documents. If you are a manager or supervisor, you will be granted access based on your request. To log in, double click on the OnBase Unity Client on your desktop and use your Windows credentials.

    What Is An Enterprise Information Platform?

    Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) – What Does it Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) Mean? EIPs (enterprise information portals) are frameworks for supporting and integrating processes, people, and information within an organization. Information can be accessed and stored in a unified and secure manner, as well as a knowledge base for employees, partners, and customers.

    What Is The Purpose Of Document Management?

    Document management systems automatically organize, secure, digitize, and classify documents, so they can be accessed, edited, and shared by employees.

    What Is Document Management Example?

  • Platforms for managing projects.
  • Knowledge bases within the organization.
  • Tools for collaboration.
  • Tools for managing knowledge.
  • Tools for managing documents online.
  • Document management systems that are based on the cloud.
  • Document management systems that are on-premises.
  • An intelligent organization.
  • What Is The Best Way To Manage Documents?

  • Program files should be installed using the default installation folders.
  • All documents should be organized in one place…
  • Hierarchy of folders can be created to create a logical hierarchy.
  • Folders that nest within folders…
  • The File Naming Conventions should be followed.
  • You must be specific.
  • You can file as you go.
  • You can order your files online for your convenience.
  • What Are The Essentials Of Document Management?

  • Quality of products and processes was improved.
  • It is important to maintain consistency…
  • The rules of compliance.
  • A view of the entire value chain…
  • Safety is increased….
  • Make improvements.
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