What Is Meant By Configuration Management In Software Testing?


Software Configuration Management (SCM) is a process for systematically managing, organizing, and controlling changes in the documents, codes, and other entities during the Software Development Life Cycle in Software Engineering. In order to increase productivity, minimal mistakes are required.

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What Is Configuration Management In Testing?

The items that make up a software or system are clearly identified in configuration management. In addition to source code, test scripts, third-party software, hardware, data, and both development and test documentation, there are other items included in this list.

What Do You Mean By Software Configuration Management?

It involves identifying and defining the software configuration items in a system, controlling their release and change throughout the system lifecycle, recording and reporting their status, and verifying their completeness.

What Is Configuration Management Example?

A Configuration Management Process example would be a change in system management direction, an update to a hardware or software specification, or an approval of removing obsolete components.

What Are The Steps In Configuration Management?

  • Planning and identification are the first steps in the process.
  • Baseline and version control.
  • The control can be changed.
  • Accounting for Configuration Status.
  • Reviews and audits.
  • Which Is A Software Configuration Management Concept?

    The concept of software configuration management allows us to control change without seriously impeding justifiable change. An individual can specify alternative configurations of a software system by selecting the appropriate version of the software.

    What Is Configuration In Testing?

    In configuration testing, a system is tested with all of its supported software and hardware configurations. A configuration suite is created when you combine the results of an existing execution plan with the configuration suite.

    What Is A Configuration Testing?

    Software Configuration Testing is a type of Software Testing that tests the performance of a system under development against various combinations of software and hardware to determine the best configuration for the system to function without any flaws or issues.

    What Are The Four Elements Of Configuration Management?

    An accounting system for software configuration must be able to identify, control, audit, and maintain status.

    What Are The Five Stages Of The Configuration Management Process?

  • Planning and identification are the first steps in the process.
  • Baseline and version control.
  • The control can be changed.
  • Accounting for Configuration Status.
  • Reviews and audits.
  • What Is Configuration Management In Simple Words?

    Computer systems, servers, and software are maintained in a desired, consistent state by configuration management. In order to manage IT system configurations, a system’s desired state must be defined, such as its server configuration, followed by building and maintaining it.

    What Are Examples Of Configuration Items?

    Software and applications, locations and offices, employees and customers, documentation, hardware and companies, and even changes and incidents are all examples of Configuration Items.

    What Is Included In Configuration Management?

    A definition is a description of something. Technical and administrative activities related to the creation, maintenance, control of change, and quality control of the scope of work are included in configuration management.

    What Are The 4 Steps Associated With Configuration Management?

  • The first step is to create a baseline for configuration management.
  • The second step is to not let the baseline become obsolete.
  • The third step is continuous auditing.
  • The fourth step is to test, test, test.
  • What Are The Steps In The Change And Configuration Management Process?

    Identify the Need, Investigate the Need, Plan the Change, and Implement the Change are the four major steps in the process.

    What Is The First Step Of Configuration Management?

    The first step to configuration management is to build out your internal structure. It is recommended that organizations track incidents, service requests, change tasks, and other operations along with generic configuration items as a first step.

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