What Is Intensive System Of Livestock Management?


A intensive livestock farm is one that does not produce its own feed (due to lack of land and consequently animal feed being produced elsewhere) and is limited to specific animals such as poultry, dairy goats, and pigs.

What Is Meant By Intensive Livestock Production?

In intensive animal farming, also known as factory farming, the aim is to maximize production while minimizing costs through the use of animal husbandry.

What Is An Intensive Production System?

In intensive and extensive farming, animals and crops are grown and prepared for sale using a variety of systems. A factory farming system is often referred to as intensive farming. Beef, dairy produce, poultry, and cereals are all maximized by intensive methods.

What Is Intensive Management System?

In intensive farming, large numbers of livestock are kept indoors, which is a method of producing high productivity while maximizing yield from the land. In addition to intensive farming, livestock is also supplied by this method.

What Is Intensive Production System?

An intensive production system is an agricultural practice in which producers spend a lot of money, time, and effort on their farms compared to the area they are farming. In other words, the amount of output per hectare is much higher than that of farms that practice intensive farming.

What Is Intensive Livestock Production System?

A definition is a description of something. A specialized system of breeding animals where livestock are kept indoors and fed on concentrated foodstuffs, with frequent use of drugs to control diseases that threaten the health of the animals.

What Is The Intensive System Of Production?

In intensive agriculture, also called intensive farming (as opposed to extensive farming), crop plants and animals are grown on a larger scale, with higher input and output per unit of land.

What Is Meant By Livestock Production?

A farm animal is referred to as livestock if it is a cow or sheep.

What Is The Meaning Of Intensive System?

In this type of farming, fertilizer, pesticides, labour, and capital are used to produce food on a large scale.

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