What Is Bsba Major In Financial Management?


Students who are employed or plan to enter the banking or finance industry can earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) degree program in Finance with 120 credits.

What Are The Subjects In Bsba Major In Financial Management?

  • Microeconomics is a basic subject.
  • The second part of accounting is accounting II.
  • Obligated and contracted business law (Obligation and contract).
  • The taxation of income (income taxation).
  • Management of all aspects of quality.
  • Management of human resources.
  • Good governance and social responsibility.
  • The analysis and reporting of financial information.
  • What Jobs Can You Get With Financial Management?

  • The role of the accountant and auditor.
  • Analysts who analyze budgets.
  • Analysts who specialize in financial analysis.
  • Agents who sell insurance.
  • A professional insurance broker.
  • The loan officers are responsible for providing loans to borrowers.
  • Advisors who specialize in personal financial matters.
  • Does Bsba Major In Financial Management Have Board Exam?

    Are there any board examinations ss examination for BSBA? BSBA does not have a board examination. Most graduates of this course, however, take a competency examination. The Philippine Civil Service Commission (PCSC) conducts the Civil Service Examination (CSE) in order to qualify candidates for the Philippine civil service.

    What Is The Major Of Financial Management?

    Students who major in Finance & Financial Management learn how to make logical financial decisions for their organizations through the study of finance and financial management. Business planning, management, and analysis will be taught to them.

    What Can I Do With A Financial Management Degree?

    A Financial Manager may wear many hats and may be responsible for a variety of roles within an organization, including: Financial Manager, Financial Analyst, Chief Financial Officer, Financial Treasurer, Financial Director, Financial Officer, Financial Administrator, Financial Advisor, and many others.

    Is Financial Management A Good Major?

    Finance majors have a more narrow focus, but they still allow you to explore a field with a lot of job opportunities. You can work with decision makers from outside organizations if you have a finance degree.

    What Are The Subjects In Financial Management?

    It is expected that a Financial Manager will have a Bachelor’s degree in a subject such as Mathematics, Accounting, Finance, or Economics. Most Financial Managers have completed a four-year degree and will not be hired straight out of university without experience in a related field.

    Does Bsba Financial Management Have Board Exam?

    A financial management graduate does not need to take a board exam to graduate with a BSBA.

    What Jobs Can You Do With A Financial Management Degree?

    Job Title



    Junior Accountant

    Range:R97k – R293k


    Finance Manager

    Range:R282k – R799k


    Financial Controller

    Range:R162k – R802k


    Data Analyst

    Range:R91k – R493k


    Is Financial Management A Good Career?

    There are a lot of job opportunities in financial management. Starting with processing and clerical work, you can work your way up to becoming a junior manager in a very broad range. In addition, you can run a finance department as well as a business.

    Does Bs Finance Have Board Exam?

    Banking and finance students are not required to take a board exam. The Philippine Civil Service Commission (PCSC) conducts the Civil Service Examination (CSE) for graduates of BSBA-OM programs in order to qualify for government jobs.

    Does Business Management Have Board Exam?

    There is no board exam for the BS in Business Administration. In addition to marketing officers, sales representatives, account managers, lead managers, retail managers, and business development executives, they may also work in other roles.

    What Courses That Have Board Exam?

  • Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM) )
  • Bachelor of Science in Economics (BS)
  • Bachelor of Design/Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.D.
  • The Bachelor of Science in Psychology (BS Psychology) is offered at the University of California, Los Angeles.
  • What Is The Major Goal Of Financial Management?

    In financial management, shareholder wealth is maximized. This is the stock price of a public company, and it is the market value of the owners’ equity of a private company.

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