What Is A Fecal Management System?


The Fecal Management System (FMS) is a soft catheter that is inserted into the rectum to manage fecal waste and contain it. It contains a low-pressure retention balloon at the distal end and a connector for attaching the collection bag at the other end.

What Is A Faecal Management System?

A temporary containment device, the Flexi-Seal faecal management system (ConvaTec) is used to manage patients with liquid or semi-liquid stools who are bedridden or immobilised.

Why Is A Fecal Management System Used?

A stool management system is used to contain and divert liquid or semi-liquid stool in patients with little or no bowel control, so that they can be protected from infectious microorganisms and their skin can be protected.

When Is A Fecal Management System Contraindicated?

It is suspected or confirmed that FMS is used in patients with suspected or confirmed rectal mucosa impairment; recent large bowel surgery or rectal surgery within the past year; sensitivity to any of the materials used in the device; severe rectal or anal injury; or severe allergic reactions to

When Do You Use The Fecal Management System?

  • A bed-bound patient can be contained frequently by this device.
  • Make sure nursing documentation of frequent liquid or semi-liquid is accurate…
  • Acute diarrhea (frequent liquid to semi-liquid stool) in bed-bound patients can be managed with fecal management systems*.
  • How Long Can A Flexi Seal Stay In?

    As the system can stay in place for up to 29 days, it is extremely cost-effective. The main outcomes of the studies were: the reduction of faecal incontinence, patient comfort, and ease of use of the FMS.

    Is There A Catheter For Feces?

    In order to collect loose stool, rectal tubes and catheters are inserted into the rectum. When the catheter is in position, a balloon near the tip of the catheter (in the body) can be inflated to prevent stool leakage around the catheter and to prevent the tube from leaking during bowel movement.

    How Long Can You Use Fecal Management System?

    In all of these systems, fecal matter is redirected to an external collection bag via a catheter inserted into the patient’s rectum, and the device is secured by inflating a balloon to prevent it from being dispelled. You can use each device for up to 29 days at a time.

    Is Flexiseal A Contraindication?

    The use of this product should not be prolonged for more than 29 consecutive days. Gloves, lubricant, potable water, and the device kit should be collected.

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