What Federated Identity Management Fim Relies On Token Credentials?


Overview. Service accounts are user accounts that are explicitly created to provide security context for services running on Windows Server. Local and network resources can only be accessed by the service based on its security context.

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What Federation System Technology Uses Federation Standards To Provide Sso And Exchanging Attributes?

Shibboleth is the technology of the federation system that uses the standards of the federation to provide the SSO and to exchange attributes among members.

Which Of The Following Is A Two Way Relationship That Is Automatically Created Between Parent And Child Domains In A Microsoft Active Directory Forest?

A transitive trust relationship is a two-way relationship automatically created between a parent and child domain in a Microsoft Active Directory forest. When a new domain is created, it shares resources with its parent domain by default, enabling an authenticated user to access resources both within the parent and child domain.

What Is An Entry In An Acl Known As?

An entry in an ACL is called an entry. ACE. An embedded framework that can be used to control access and is embedded in software and hardware. A model for controlling access to information.

Which Of The Following Account Lockout Policy Settings Determines The Number Of Failed Login Attempts Before A Lockout Occurs?

In order to lock a user account, the Account lockout threshold policy setting determines how many failed sign-in attempts will result in the account being locked.

Which Of The Following Is An Authentication Credential Used To Access Multiple Accounts Or Applications?

In a single sign-on (SSO) session and user authentication service, a user can log in to multiple applications with one set of login credentials, such as a name and password.

What Common Method Is Used To Ensure The Security And Integrity Of A Root Ca?

Keeping a root CA offline is one of the most common ways to ensure its security and integrity.

Which Of The Following Is One Of The Four Bases For Authentication Credentials?



Which of the following is one of the four bases for authentication credentials?

Both A and B

Which of the following is not one of the AAA controls?


Which of the following is not one of the devices in RADIUS central authentication?

the verifier

What Are The Three Broad Categories On Which Authentication Can Be Based?

In general, authentication methods can be divided into three broad categories: Something the user owns (such as a hardware token), something the user owns (i.e. Information about the user (e.g., fingerprints), as well as information about the user.

What Type Of Trust Should Be Used To Enable Users Between Two Forests To Authenticate And Access Resources Within The Other Forest?

Forests can also be authenticated using explicit trusts. A forest trust is created when the forest root domains in both forests are combined to create a transitive trust. All the forest members can exchange authentication information with each other as a result of this.

What Is A Card That Contains An Integrated Circuit Chip That Can Hold Information Used As Part Of The Authentication Process?

Physical electronic authorization devices such as smart cards, chip cards, and integrated circuit cards (IC cards) are used to control access to resources. An embedded integrated circuit (IC) chip is typically embedded in a plastic credit card-sized card.

What Is An Acl In Active Directory?

An access-control list (ACL) is a collection of entries defined for an object that are used to manage access control. A security descriptor provides properties and methods for creating and managing access control lists.

What Is An Acl?

In an access control list (ACL), rules are applied to certain digital environments to grant or deny access. An operating system’s Filesystem ACL identifies which users can access its system and what privileges they have. Access to the network can be filtered by networking ACLs.

What Is Acl In Database?

An access-control list (ACL) is a list of privileges associated with a system resource (object) in computer security. Users or system processes are granted access to objects under an ACL, and what operations can be performed on those objects under an ACL.

What Is Acl Permission?

An access control entry in the ACL defines the permissions for a user or a group of users. An access control entry defines which users are allowed to access a particular directory or file. There are usually multiple entries in an ACL.

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