The Most Popular Businesses in Alberta, Canada 


If you are someone that is not from Canada, Canada may seem like a mystery to you. In the films and media, Canada is portrayed as this magical place where everyone is extremely apologetic and lives on donuts as their staple diet, which obviously isn’t true. Aside from the stereotypes that have been portrayed by the media, very little is actually known about a lot of Canadian culture.  

Something that seems like a mystery entirely is the business sectors that are popular in Canada and which businesses have the most success, especially when we look at more isolated regions such as Alberta. Here are the most popular businesses that you can find in Alberta, Canada.  

Cleaning companies  

Due to a thriving job market and general economic stability throughout Alberta, cleaning companies have been found to be extremely popular. This is partly because there are a vast amount of businesses that work in the textile industry located in Alberta, that usually need large-scale cleaning.  

As well as this, due to the economic strength of people in Alberta, a lot of people choose to hire cleaning companies to clean their private housing; there are a lot of good cleaning companies in Edmonton which offer door-to-door cleaning services, which a lot of people regularly use.  


Though you may not know this, one of the most popular business sectors is plumbing. Having any trade at all is extremely valuable in Canada, in fact, many of the ex-pats with a trade that choose to leave their country, usually head to Canada as there is plenty of money to be made.  

As you probably do know, the weather in Canada can be extremely unpredictable, which can lead to plenty of issues throughout the country. One of the biggest problems that Canadian people face is issues with their home’s plumbing caused by the cold weather, because of this they are constantly in need of a reliable plumber that can quickly deal with any issues that they may have.  

The catering industry  

It is no lie that Canadian people love their food and with such a delicious selection, there is no wonder why. In Alberta alone, there are thousands of catering businesses and restaurants that have plenty of visitors and buyers. These users are always recurring customers that often go back to support some of their favorite businesses.  

As well as the bigger commercial businesses being extremely successful, Canadians also have a lot of love for the smaller local businesses. Something that is especially popular in Canada is small coffee shops. Larger commercial coffee shops like Starbucks usually sell at quite a high price. With the continuous cold weather and the constant need for something to alleviate this, small coffee shops have found themselves skyrocketing in popularity. 

A recurring theme that you may notice when looking into Canadian business is that they often prefer to support smaller and local businesses, which really fits with the kind-hearted reputation that the Canadians have earned.  


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