How to Move your High Street Business to Online Only


When it comes to making the change from having a physical store that you work from to being online only there are many things that may take some getting used to for you. The shift to online doesn’t have to be a sad thing and although it is usually the case that a  business cannot afford the payments on their physical store anymore, moving to an online store will save you a lot of money as well as opening up a wide range of new opportunities for your business. You may be upset about making the change but with the rate of development and the technology that we use within our business, it is likely that keeping with the times will have huge benefits for you in the long run.

If you are under a strict deadline to move out of the premises I would urge you to find temporary storage for any goods that you have and get them moved as a priority. Once you have sorted this huge task and you have the time to get things into motion I am sure that you will find the process much less stressful.


Creating a Website and Online Store

In order for you to be able to continue trading online, you will need to make sure that your website is up to scratch and if necessary I would take the opportunity to rebrand and redesign things ready for your new launch. If you treat things like a fresh start it’s likely that you will feel much more positive about the switch and having a positive outlook is going to be a strong factor in favor of your new business venture going to plan.

If you are going to be selling using an online platform only you will also need to consider putting together an online store that is easy to use and as intuitive as possible, if people have issues with your website it is likely that they will choose a competing business to invest their money in as they have a better, issue free website. If you are looking for a solid website that is easy to use and organized to give the customer a trouble-free shopping experience then check out Ryderwear gym clothes, which is another company that recently went through the move from a physical store to online only.



The issue with moving to an exclusively online retail platform is that you will miss out on all of the high street customers who would previously be able to visit you in-store, if you are looking for ways to boost the number of customers you have then I would recommend altering your advertising strategies so that more people are aware that you are solely available online. If you do not let the public know where they can find you they may presume that you are no longer trading at all and look at alternative companies to buy their produce.


Gaining a Large Following of Loyal Customers

With online retail, it is important that you work on things like customer service and fixing any refunds or exchanges as quickly as you can, as you can no longer count on your physical customer service when in-store. Using things like social media to open up communication with the people who are paying your bills is a great way to show that you care about these people and that you are a business that can be trusted to provide a high level of service. Doing this will also ensure that you have a lot of future customers who are likely to return.


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