How To Get A Job In Wealth Management?


Most financial advisors earn handsome salaries, especially those who work for Wall Street firms like Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. Private Wealth Managers can easily earn $500,000 each. Private Wealth Managers earn about $900,000 a year, and that doesn’t include their recruiting bonuses, which can be as high as millions.

How Do I Get A Job In Wealth Management?

  • Applicants seeking a job as a wealth manager must have completed a bachelor’s degree from any of the following fields: business, finance, economics, management, or law.
  • Companies hire candidates with some experience in finance and planning who have some experience in the field.
  • How Much Does A Wealth Management Make?

    Job Title


    Vancity Wealth Planner salaries – 3 salaries reported


    TD Wealth Operations Officer salaries – 3 salaries reported


    RBC Wealth Management salaries – 2 salaries reported


    Scotiabank Wealth Management salaries – 2 salaries reported


    Does Wealth Management Pay Well?

    According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Wealth Managers earn an average salary of $111,963, ranging from $22,985 to $623,194. Over 86% of Wealth Managers earn over $623,194, with 57% earning between $111,963 and $282,357 a year.

    What Is A Job In Wealth Management?

    In addition to providing investment advisory services, wealth management also combines other financial services to meet the needs of affluent clients. Wealth management advisors are high-level professionals who manage an affluent client’s wealth holistically, typically for a fixed fee.

    How Much Can You Make In Wealth Management?

    Annual Salary

    Monthly Pay

    Top Earners



    75th Percentile






    25th Percentile



    How Much Does The Average Wealth Manager Make?

    Job Title


    RBC Associate Wealth Advisor salaries – 8 salaries reported


    Desjardins Wealth Management Advisor salaries – 4 salaries reported


    Scotiabank Wealth Management Associate salaries – 4 salaries reported


    How Do Wealth Managers Make Money?

    The income of wealth managers is determined by the percentage of assets they manage, as is the income of most financial advisors. Because of this, they may charge a lower percentage fee if you have a higher net worth. In addition to charging a lower fee, the more assets they manage, the more fees they earn.

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