How to Design the Perfect YouTube Advert


YouTube adverts have become the new biggest thing when it comes to marketing. YouTube is an extremely popular website that has over 2 billion users and recent statistics have revealed that the average user had spent 50% more time watching videos in 2020 than in 2019. YouTube adverts are great for both parties involved, if a popular YouTuber has an advert on their videos then whatever service or product they’re advertising will be seen by a huge number of people and the YouTuber can make money off of these adverts.

If you have a YouTube channel and you want to grow it so you can start making money from having adverts on your videos you’ll need your channel to have a lot of subscribers and your videos to receive a lot of likes. I got more likes on youtube using this service which creates a custom marketing plan for you to help grow your platform quicker. As YouTube adverts do reach so many people around the world it is important to make sure your advert is appealing to the average user. We’ve found some great tips to help you design the perfect YouTube advert.


Emotional adverts have proven over the years to be one of the most successful adverts. Adverts that stimulate an emotional response in the viewer have a bigger impact on the viewer and make the advert more memorable and make the viewer more likely to strike up a conversation about it. While it may seem difficult to provoke emotion in such a short advert it has been done many times before so watching some emotional adverts is great research. Emotional adverts are easier to create than they seem on the surface as there is a massive range of human emotions: joy, optimism, anger, and sadness are just a few. It doesn’t matter if you choose a positive or negative emotion, as long as it provokes a response it will likely be a successful advert.


Nostalgia is one of the most powerful tools in any advertising. People often reminisce about times in their past and most people idolize their past and have a strong emotional connection with it as they miss previous times of their life. This makes nostalgic adverts massively successful as if your advert includes a blast from the past then you’ll be tapping into these emotions and viewers will think favorably of whatever it is that you’re advertising. If you decide to take this route you’ll have to consider the demographic of the audience you’re appealing to as something that is nostalgic for someone born in the 1960s won’t be nostalgic to someone born in the ’00s.

Think outside the box

Some of the most successful adverts have also been the weirdest. Many normal adverts don’t gain the attention of the viewers as they’ll see many adverts every day. The quirky adverts are the ones that stand out to viewers these days as there is an element of surprise involved making them much more memorable. These ideas don’t have to be extravagant, the key is to be different. A great example of an advert that was quirky is a cat riding a skateboard, the advert isn’t a crazy one it just has one unusual twist, as the cat is the rider, not a person and that was enough to catch people’s attention.

Other things to consider

When designing your advert it’s important to remember that YouTube adverts are split into 2 types – skippable and non-skippable. Both have their advantages and disadvantages so again consider your target audience when deciding which of these to go for.


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