How Much Do Emergency Management Specialists Make?


As an emergency management specialist, you help minimize the impact of disasters through preparedness training and – in the event of a disaster – coordinate disaster relief efforts of various agencies as a liaison.

Does Emergency Management Pay Well?

According to ZipRecruiter, Emergency Preparedness Manager salaries range from $77,500 to $191,500 (25th to 75th percentiles) with the 90th percentile earning $254,000 annually.

Is Emergency Management A Good Career?

There is a fantastic diversity of career options in Emergency Management, and the field is expected to grow in the future. Education, healthcare, and private businesses are all sectors where there are opportunities for public service.

What Is Emergency Management Salary?

Quick Facts: Emergency Management Directors

2020 Median Pay

$76,250 per year $36.66 per hour

Typical Entry-Level Education

Bachelor’s degree

Work Experience in a Related Occupation

5 years or more

On-the-job Training


What Does An Emergency Management Specialist Do For Fema?

Tesla’s Emergency Management Specialist works with employees and others to prepare for disasters, review emergency plans, and ensure that their needs are met during times of disaster.

What Skills Are Needed For Emergency Management?

Job Title

Salary Potential

General and Operations Managers




Emergency Management Specialist


Mental Health Counselors


What Is Emergency Response Specialist?

Emergency response specialists are professionals with specialized training in how to mitigate environmental incidents that pose a threat to public safety. In some cases, these professionals are called upon to solve unique challenges.

What Does Emergency Management Include?

The purpose of emergency management is to manage risks to communities and the environment. Prevention, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery are the three pillars of emergency management.

What Jobs Can I Get With A Emergency Management Degree?

  • Recovery manager for disasters.
  • Specialist in emergency management programs.
  • Team leader for the emergency response team.
  • Director of Emergency Services.
  • Manager of environmental health and safety.
  • Administrator of hospital emergency preparedness.
  • Program manager for the Hurricane Program.
  • Are Emergency Managers In Demand?

    Emergency management directors’ employment is forecast to grow by 6 percent between 2020 and 2030, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Over the next decade, there are expected to be about 1,000 openings for emergency management directors.

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