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Planning on a startup? Great. So, you have a plan written down somewhere. That means you are a beginner and have no clue about how to start or whom to approach. Writing a business plan is still extremely viable. It gets you prepared for any investor meeting, customer meeting, or potentially, hiring a new employee. Business is hard yet very doable if you have the right plan. There are many things that you should know about a business plan writer. The article discusses the same in detail.

There are a few questions to answer when writing a business plan, without which your plan is incomplete or unprepared. If you already have some money ready for your idea and need, even more, you can hire a business plan writer who can observe and answer the following.

An outlook of a business plan

  • Introduction (what is your company?) 
  • The management team/Bio (Whom are you considering to give money?)
  • User experience and operations (How does it work?)
  • Market place/ Target audience (Where does this belong?)
  • Checking competition (What has been already done/ why hasn’t this been done?)
  • Roadmap/ Market strategy (How will I know if I’m losing or gaining my money?)
  • The revenues (What are the numbers?)
  • Asking for funding (How much do you need?)

What is a pitch deck, and how is it helpful?

The main point to consider here is that you need to get to a position where you can concisely explain your business plan to an average person, and it takes a long time to get there. This is something called having a ‘pitch-deck.’ This is extremely useful depending on who you are networking with. Instead of hiring a business plan writer, it is always better to write down your plan because it’s your idea, and no one could know it better than you do. 

A Business Plan Writer Or A Business Plan Consultant; Which Is Better?

Starting a business is quite a daunting task for an entrepreneur. There are thousands of decisions that one needs to take to make their business grow, and one wrong step could result in nailed in their market position and could result in monetary loss, which is just as serious. During the preliminary stages, one of those decisions is hiring a business plan consultant or a business plan writer. Though both have different roles to play and should be hired accordingly, it is not as simple for everyone. So going through the points below might help you to ponder whom you should hire.

When to hire a business plan writer

It makes sense to hire a business plan writer when the entrepreneur outlines what should be a successful business strategy. If the research has been bone by the entrepreneur’s side, then a good business plan writer will best draw a good narrative in bullets and how this business strategy has to go ahead. That’s just about it for the work of the writer

When to hire a business plan consultant

  • If he/she is starting a business for the first time, then the option of hiring a business plan consultant should seriously be considered, as doing that will bring one invaluable point to draw up a concept on which the business has to work
  • A consultant is also the best way to go forward, considering that a business needs to attract investors as they are key in growing the business financially

Online reputation of your business is important said reputation repair expert in a recent interview

Both the online and offline reputation of your business is important. However, when it comes to your online reputation, it can easily be made available by anyone. You can see your business presence online and then work on its online reputation. Unlike the online reputation, offline reputation is pretty harder to make out. Everybody fears being defrauded on the web or being sold a terrible piece of merchandise. One negative survey can send clients somewhere else. Observing your online reputation is fundamental for your business development.

  • Individuals will do a Google Check on your business before purchasing from you.

Almost everybody nowadays checks on Google before buying anything.  It doesn’t make a difference whether it’s a nearby business or not; one goes to Google, type in their search, and after that, you read the various reviews and some other data about that business. ‘Today’s Google is a portal that helps those who strive to deliver a valuable user experience. Since your business bids excellent resolutions that customers are looking for, it wants to discover you, said a reputation repair expert in a recent interview.

  • Build awareness of your brand

By improving your business’s online reputation with the help of social media, blogs, etc., you can increase the awareness of your brand. If you do it the right way, it will lead to a positive awareness of your business. Always focus on the positives of the business. Do not post any negative aspects of your business.

  • Gives you a competitive advantage

The goal of most of the stuff online is to shape such power and reputation that every time someone looks for a business’s name or your products, you appear in the search results in a positive manner. By doing this, you’ll have a huge benefit over your other competitors who do not appear in search results that much or have a bad reputation online.

  • Clients Care About Your Values 

Today, individuals need to think about the character and morals of their businesses s. On the off chance that your character or morals don’t live up to your clients’ desires, you will lose popularity ad money since they won’t purchase from you and will purchase from those who offer it. With the online world, everybody has simple access to this data.

Your business’s basis heavily relies on its online reputation, which serves as a correct reflection of what your business has to offer.  So there you have it. This article should give you a pretty good idea about whom to go for unless you are going for both.


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