De Vere Wealth Management?


There are legitimate products available from deVere that allow people to grow their wealth, and they are not pyramid schemes. Their products are tested to increase their net worth and are legitimate. As a devere agent, I have sold many of them and all of my clients are happy with their purchase.

Who Owns The Devere Group?

Starwood Capital Group acquired the business, formerly known as De Vere Venues, in March 2014, and integrated it into Principal Hayley Group, which it already owned. Village Urban Resorts was sold to Denver-based private equity firm KSL Capital Partners for £485 million in November 2014.

Where Are Devere Group Based?

Located in the United Arab Emirates, the deVere Group is a global leader in the waste management industry.

How Much Is Devere Worth?

DeVere Group is one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory firms, with over 80,000 high-net-worth, expat and international investors in more than 100 countries, and over US$10 billion in advice and management services. Its founder and CEO, Nigel Green, leads the firm

Where Is Devere Group Based?

The Devere Group has 39 offices in 27 countries, which are based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Who Is The Devere Group?

In addition to providing personal financial advice and innovative digital solutions, the deVere Group of companies is one of the world’s leading independent financial institutions.

When Was Devere Founded?

The deVere Group, founded in 2002 by Nigel Green, now manages more than $10 billion in client assets with more than 80,000 active clients in over 100 countries. We have 500 consultants and 70 offices around the world, so our clients can receive financial advice wherever they are.

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